Wednesday, June 01, 2011

~boring day! ~

hye readers...
good night..
today i want to say that I AM REALLY BORED !
want to noe why?
coz today i had to sit at home without my sister out evrywhere as the weather does not permit me :(
actually today's holiday schedule (cewah! ) want to go waterfall..
had to be canceled because of rain..
so sad.. :(
mybe next time i go there..
so today..i went to Tesco just to relieve the boredom is never finished !
getting bored coz there was no television at home coz of damage!
damaged by lightning stroke..
so i had to treat the boy is neglected in this house are very noty..

urm...mintak2 la besok adalah hari yg x bosan lagi mcm hari ni..
x sanggup la weh..
blh naik darah tinggi ni sbb asyik marah bdk2 yg nakal tu je..
suka sgt belasah org..
sape tak geram..
ase nk ikat jer diorang tu..
jht an..kejam gile!
lantak lah!
sape suh nakal sgt..naseb bek la bkn anak teha..lau ank teha lame dah teha ikat kat pagar umah biar kene nyalak dgn anjing!
ok la sume..
ngntk la pulak..
nk tido..

terima kasih kerana sudi bace entry teyha..sila komen ye.TQ!

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